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We have made this site to be an enjoyable one, to give you laughs and ooohs and ahhhhs and aww …
Please come back again, we are permanently in the process of updating it.

BUT more than that – we would be happy for you to view and write in our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ZyanBurmese.  To comment on this site or feel we should have a specific link or whatever, please send us a comment to our WhatsApp number on Facebook.

If you need to speak to a warm human body, please phone my loving owner, LorĂ­ or her son St. John – they will be happy to speak about us!
LorĂ­ - WhatsApp number 071-226-3451
St. John - WhatsApp number 082-787-0260

Zyan Cattery is the home of
Burmese Cats and Kittens.

Our cats are of show winning quality
and heart winning purrsonalities.

We strive to always breed the purrfect Burmese cats and kittens and take care in our choice of partners.

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